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voice dialogue

''These birds are telepathically connected. Each bird holds its own position, hereby creating a large pattern together. This is called a morphogenetic field. The same applies to humans: everything is connected. We might forget about this because of painful life events. I want to help

you feel that you are part of something greater and guide you to take the place that has been created for you.''


''Before we start our track, we will have a free consultation in which the number of sessions is discussed. This may vary from three to twelve appointments. My work method consists of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), provocative coaching, systemic coaching and family constellations. In addition, I use the knowledge about visual arts and sports from my previous studies. Each method that I use has been carried out by me before. When the lockdown started, I discovered the power of online coaching. Nowadays I offer online sessions via Zoom. On a daily basis I coach myself, I often visit workshops and regularly attend coaching sessions. This comes from a passion to keep on growing, which will ensure that we achieve the greatest result together. Please visit the ‘inspiration’ page if you would like to see a few videos that match my vision and method.

Listed are some examples of methods that I use.''

Systemic coaching

In the 1950s, family therapists found that if a child with deviant behavior was removed from the family, it would not solve anything. In fact, another family member seemed to be adopting this behavior. The therapists found that if they wanted to break patterns, they had to shift their focus to the rest of the family and approach it as a system. The "problem child" was only a reflection and sometimes even a lightning rod of what was going on in this system. We are all part of a system, within your work, your sports club, your group of friends and most importantly: your family of origin. This gives you a blueprint of how you are programmed, as it were. If something is unconsciously disturbed here, it will sooner or later want to be seen. During our sessions we investigate these disruptions, so that they no longer have to manifest themselves through external factors (recurring patterns, burnout, etc.).


Provocative coaching
Voice dialogue

“It would actually be good if you put yourself last!”. Wouldn’t it be bizarre if your coach was telling you this? Let’s be honest, sometimes we have a tendency to prevaricate. We find it scary to tell each other what we truly think and may engage in things even though we do not feel like it – while being direct can be absolutely refreshing and liberating! In a safe setting, provocative coaching enables you to shed a different light on your biggest obstacles and fears in a humorous manner

Everyone might experience a change in opinion every now and then. At work, for example, we tend to be less outgoing than at the pub. We have developed different sides to ourselves, which we call sub-personalities. Thoughts such as ‘I’m doubting this’ or ‘I want to but I’m afraid to do it’ are indicative of a conflict between these sub-personalities. This may result in sleepless nights, procrastination, conflicts, physical complaints and much more. Voice dialogue is an effective method which enables us to communicate with these sub-personalities, hereby creating inner peace. It is a dynamic method in which we will make use of the space around us. During the sessions, you learn to collaborate with yourself, so to speak. As soon as you are your own best friend, you can take on the world.

* During the sessions I adhere to the guidelines according to the RIVM



The rates below include VAT, excluding VAT for reimbursement via your employer.
The sessions take place in The Hague or on location
Discovery session/intake 50 min: free
Session 1 hour: € 80
Session 1,5 hour€ 105
Traject 3 x 1,5 hour: € 290
Traject 5 x 1,5 hour: € 450
Traject 8 x 1,5 hour: € 690
Online Coaching(Zoom):
Discovery session/intake 50 min: free
Session1 hour: € 70
Session 1,5 hour: € 95
Traject 3 x 1,5 hour: € 240
Traject 5 x 1,5 hour: € 390
Traject 8 x 1,5 hour: € 630
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