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''Everyone on earth, regardless of how good his or her childhood may have been, has experienced trauma; therefore, everyone experiences post-traumatic stress to some degree.'' Teal Swan                


We all have a recurring “core pain” that will continue to present itself in certain areas of our lives if we do not pay attention to it. It is human to want to be free of complaints as quickly as possible. In principle we can achieve this in our sessions on the short-term, but what if we would go further than that? What if we would look your core pain in the eyes and finally listen to it, so you may befriend it forever. It will even transform you in the long-term, as our core pain contains our greatest core quality!

Your greatest obstacle as your greatest strength

    Ask yourself:

May your procrastination be turned into vigor?

Your self-criticism into self-compassion? Your shame into authenticity? Your   anger into passion?

Your fear into self-expression

Personal leadership-coaching is meant for you if you

experience a recurring obstacle in one or more areas of your life


want to quit procrastinating


want to experience (more) self-love


want to be more authentic and comfortable in contact with others


want to learn to truly know yourself


want to improve the bond with your child;


want to be able to be alone without feeling lonely;


have physical complaints without an obvious cause.

Or do you have another core pain that you wish to transform? It requires bravery to truly look at yourself and it will not be easy, but the reward is great. I am motivated and excited to start this adventure with you! Take a look at the METHOD PAGE for more information or book a free consultation.

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