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"In times of crisis we need people that think outside the box"

                                              -Greta Thunberg

Sustainable Leadership

We live in unusual times in which authenticity and flexibility are key values. Missing authenticity is being noticed immediately: think of ‘MeToo’, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the Covid-19 crisis. This is the year of truth and exposure, in which leadership might be more about collaboration. During these times, starting or reforming a company may prove to be a great challenge when there is fear and insecurity. As a leader, this might make you stumble but it can also make you shine. This is what the era demands of you, this is what leads to the most sustainable form of leadership.



In an article on Business Week, communication expert Loretta Malandro offers a few examples of common blind spots among managers and supervisors:

  • wanting to do everything by yourself                       

  • being insensitive to the influence you have on others   

  • thinking you already know everything 

  • avoiding difficult conversations

  • projecting guilt onto others or circumstance

  • not taking a stand

As authentic as a chimpanzee

According to Frans de Waal, a biologist who is specialized in primate behaviour, there are many similarities between the group behaviour of monkeys and humans. As he tells in his TED-talk, we might actually learn a lot from them. Especially when comparing the list of common blind spots with the characteristics of a successful alpha monkey, this leads to inspiring conclusions.

According to De Waal, a sustainable leader within the monkey family has the following characteristics:




the alpha male or female:

  • is daring

  • offers comfort

  • keeps peace within the group

  • keeps everyone happy

  • engages in impartial conflict mediation

  • is empathic (according to statistics, the highest degree of empathy within the group

  • stands up for the underdog

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In order to truly look at yourself and in turn inspire others, you need a certain degree of bravery. You will have to be authentic. During our sessions, we move towards this goal. This is where true mastery arises. Take a look at the METHOD page for more information or book a free consultation.

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